Monday, December 15, 2008

Question #130 - What's my favorite Christmas present I remember getting?

There have been sooo many Christmas presents over the years. Top gifts I remember have included a black rabbit, a hockey table, a Cabbage Patch doll, and Tickle Me Elmos! I have loved so many of my gifts, even if I can't remember them all!!

I would have to say, though, that my favorite Christmas present is the one that is trying to bite my hand right now!! Mittens was a gift from Erin, one of my best friends, and I surely thought I'd never get a cat from someone! I've loved cats so much since I was little, but just couldn't ever have one because half my family is allergic to them. So to actually get a bundle of fur in the shape of a kitten was so exciting for me! And Mittens has become my son, despite the fact that he isn't human!! lol

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Teddybear said...

My favorite Christmas present I rec'd was left on my door step 24 yrs ago. 9 black plastic bags left there with our name on it. We didn't hear anything and I slept in the livingroom.

No name from giver - there were gifts galore for my two kids - food to fill the cupbroads and 1 precious gift for me - A Nativity set with stable and hay. The figures are made of Mother of Pearl and Ivory. I still have it displayed to this day. All pieces intact. It is so beautiful - and no one to thank.