Thursday, September 22, 2005

Question #95 - Yards

Describe your yard as a child.  Did you help with yard work?

I had 2 yards growing up, a front and back. I know there are some people who only had one, or none even.  I had 2, and they were both used as areas to play with friends.  We had a swingset in the back for years, a pool for a few years. In the winter, my dad would snowplow huge hills in the back, and we'd sled down. That was so much fun!  We'd use both the front and back yards as places to play hide n seek, or capture the flag. We'd also use both yards to split up into teams, and create little skits to show off to each other. Usually the skits involved some sort of moral. They were rather interesting!  The yards definitely got some use!

While I did help with yard work, I probably shouldn't have with my health. But, I did!  I raked leaves, shoveled snow. I'd take forever doing it, too. I tried mowing the lawn once when I was a teen, but lasted only 2 turns before I felt so tired I thought I was gonna die. So, I've never mowed a lawn again!  lol  I also do not shovel, nor do I rake. It's a good thing I have landlords! 

Friday, September 16, 2005

Question #94 - Advice

What is your advice to those younger than yourself?

When I hear of kids younger than me, like late teens or early 20s, wanting to get married right away, I have to say don't do it until you're at least 25.  When teens turn into young adults, they don't know who they are, it takes a while to discover that. I am glad I've had time to realize who I am as a person, and to not settle with someone just because I felt like getting married.  I also would tell them to not get married just because they got pregnant.  It's not always the "right thing to do."  I had a friend who did that, and the marriage is terrible. Their child is starting to react to the tension in the house.  Some more advice: love your family, be there for them. Family can truly help you through times of need.  Be kind to people, do not be judgmental. I know this is easier said than done. But I've often been judged by people who do not know me, and it hurts.  Another piece of advice: learn from your mistakes. Yes, we all make them, and it's a learning experience! 

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Question #93 - Wash Day

Tell about a frustrating experience you have had on wash day, with the washing machine, clothes, people, etc, and tell about the outcome.

First of all, I don't have a wash day.  I don't have a planned day of the week for wash, I should say. I'm a single person not working, so I don't have a ton of clothes to wash all the time. So, that being said, I don't really recall any outrageous or frustrating experiences with washing my clothes. Other than shrinking a few items of clothing that I love. lol 

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Question #92 - If Looks Could Kill

What did you look like as a child?

I was a short skinny kid, with huge, thick glasses. Most of the time, I had really long hair.  Today, I am about the same. Still short, still skinny, still have long hair (except now it's red). I got contacts years ago, so at least I don't have the glasses anymore!  lol

Question #91 - Traits

What were your mother's best traits, and which do you share with her?

Hmmm. I'm finding this question hard for some reason. While my mom could sometimes be hard with us, I look back knowing she had good reason to be. While she seemed very strict with her rules and making us have chores around the house, I realize that it disciplined us, and got us "ready" to take responsibility for things when were older. I know there are a lot of things that I do as an adult that I also used to do when I was growing up. And there are some that I don't. lol My mom definitely showed us we were loved, no matter what we did. And I like to think that I show it to her, too, and to anyone I come to know and love.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Question #90 - Father

What special things did you do with your father?

I didn't answer this one right away, because I didn't know exactly what to put. I love my father immensely. But I don't really recall him taking us out on little trips, or anything like that. I know one thing I used to love was going to his workshop, and watching him work on cars. He would talk about what he was doing, but sadly, not a lot stuck with me. lol  I also remember spending time with him listening to music in the living room. My love for Simon & Garfunkel started when I was little, because he would play his records and sing along.  I also remember the songs he used to sing to us when we were little. Oh yes, he also sat with us when The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock were on. He loved those shows as much as we did!  Nowadays, my father and I spend time with each other just hanging out and talking. Usually about his aches and pains, or something my mother did, or my experiences with my cat, but it's time spent with him. And there are still times when he sings the songs I know and love. And I know that counts for a lot.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Question #89 - School

Describe a typical school day in junior high school.

I went to Catholic school all my life, and my junior high school was in the elementary building. In fact, all the grades were on one floor, the junior high classrooms all the way at the end of the hall. The big change we had to get used to was switching classrooms for some of our classes. I guess it was to get us used to what it would be like in high school. There's not really much to say about going to junior high. We had harder classes from the year before, and the same teachers as the year before. We also were the same class, many of the students in my class were ones I had been going to school with since pre-K. So I already knew them, the ones I didn't like, the ones who were my friends, etc. I would have to say, my class always knew how to get ourselves in trouble. And there were many pranks pulled by a lot of us...mostly the guys, and some of the girls. It was always interesting, and entertaining!  Some of the highlights I remember quite well:

~ Our 7th grade teacher was brand new, and used to sweat profusely under his arms. So some of the guys would bring Right Guard to class, and spray it in the ceiling fan when the teacher had his back turned. They would also have a radio playing in the back coat room, and tell the teacher it was coming from outside when he asked about it. And he believed it. *shaking head*

~ Sometimes, when there was a funeral in the church, we couldn't eat in the cafeteria since it would be noisy down there, and a lot of times the people at the funeral would go down there for refreshments. So that meant we'd have to eat in our classroom. One time, there were a few guys near the window looking out in the alley. Several minutes later, our one teacher (a nun) came storming upstairs, claiming the boys were shouting outside the window to a woman in the alley. When we asked what they were saying, the nun said, "How does mother f***er sound to you???"  I think we all dropped our jaw! Needless to say, we all had to stay away from windows whenever we ate up in the classrooms. (by the way, the lady in the alley was a person who was known for causing trouble...I know for sure the guys didn't yell out the window!!)

~Another memory was when we were able to watch movies the last week of school when we were in 8th grade. Someone brought in National Lampoon's European Vacation. Now, there is a certain scene in it when a girl opens her shirt and you see everything. When that scene showed up, our teacher (again, the nun!) went up and shut the movie off. She was furious! Somehow we got to finish watching the movie though!  LOL

Question #88 - Christmas

Tell about your own Christmas traditions.

When we were little, we'd all get up so early, that my mom wouldn't let us open gifts until my dad was up. So we'd usually eat breakfast first, and then we would open our stocking gifts. When everyone was ready, then we would open our gifts from Santa. We would also go to mass on Christmas, usually the children's mass. As we got older, we started going to Christmas Eve mass, and then we would open up our gifts to each other when we got home. But we would still have the same morning routine. Nowadays, since we are all in our different homes, we go to my parents' house around a certain time, and open our gifts to each other, and stocking gifts, and then any other gifts under the tree. There have been times the past few years where we don't even open anything until the afternoon!  We also like trying to go to midnight mass, which at my church, is at 10pm.  lol  And in all the years we've celebrated Christmas, we have a nice family dinner where we get stuffed!  And lately, we've been sharing stories of the past, and of what goes on in our lives. It's a wonderful time to spend together as a family. :)

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Question #87 - Weddings

Describe your wedding.

At first I thought, wow, this is such an easy question to answer.  I've never been married, so I don't have a wedding to describe!  But then I thought, maybe the question could also be to describe your wedding, even if you haven't had one yet. A lot of women have had their "ideal wedding" in their heads since they were a little girl. I never really dreamed of a wedding when I was little, but in the past few years, I've been in several weddings, and it's made me think of what I would like!  So, here is what I would like my wedding to be!  If it ever happens!

The bridal dresses would be a reddish color, since that is my favorite color. My dress would be very simple, yet elegant. I can't wear any of that heavy crap, so I would love a long, white, sleek dress. Nothing fancy or over the top, but yet very beautiful. Actually, over a year ago, when we were shopping for a dress for my mom, I was in the section of prom dresses, and I saw a dress that I knew instantly I'd love to wear if I ever got married. I almost bought it, but why have a dress when I don't know if it'll ever happen? Anyhow, I want an evening ceremony, outdoors, with lots of candles. Instead of the crowd throwing rice or blowing bubbles, I'd like them to light sparklers!  And I'd love to have one big outdoor reception, with lots of music and dancing!  Of course, in order for it to be suitable for outdoors, I'd like my wedding to be in the summer. I'd be warmer that way, too.  lol  I want to do betta fish for my center pieces, since I am so in love with them. Oh, and I'd like tulips as my bouquet. I think that's all I know for sure. I know there's a lot of other things to plan, but since I'm not anywhere near ready for a wedding, I can think of them later!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Question #86 - Toys

Did you have a favorite toy as a child? Did it have a name? What are your memories?

I had a lot of toys growing up, many that my sisters and I shared.  I think one of my favorite toys was my Barbie.  I still have her, too!  I also have my Todd doll, I didn't have Ken. And, I have all the clothes I accumulated for her, too.  My other favorite toys that my mom still has are the original Fisher Price farm house, and the Treetop House by Mattel (I think that's who made it).  I just loved playing with them!  I think the farm house that is out now doesn't leave very much to the imagination!  My favorite memories of toys have to be the times when my sisters and I played house with our kitchen set-up in the basement. We had pots and pans, and real dry beans and macaroni that our mom got for us. It was a lot of fun! I also remember the times when the beans got spilled, what a mess to clean up!  lol 

Monday, August 29, 2005

Question #85 - Authors

Do you have a favorite author?  Who, and why? Tell about a favorite book as a child, youth, adult.

This is a nice question, considering I love reading!!  I read a lot of books, with a wide variety of themes and story lines. I'd have to say my favorite author is John Grisham. I have all of his books!  I just like reading books that have to do with law, and the court system. I guess that's why I also love Law & Order so much. lol  I also love J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter has got to be one of the best series I have read in a long, long time!  It is so well written, and so imaginative!

When I was a really little kid, I used to love the Richard Scarry books.  Lowly the Worm was my favorite character.  My absolute most favorite book that I read when I was a young adult was Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O'Dell. I love that book even now.  I think it was one of the first books I read, where I could picture everything, and felt like I was on that island with the main character.  As for my favorite book as an adult, I don't really have one. I read so many books, sometimes they seem to all blend in together!  lol

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Question #84 - Life Lessons

What is the greatest lesson in your life you find to be true?

There have been many lessons in life that I have learned, especially being a person with a major disability....a disability that cannot be seen just by looking at me. So I'd have to say that the biggest lesson I've learned is not to judge a book by it's cover. It sounds to cliche, but it's so very true. So many people judge others without even knowing someone. And I am no angel, I've done it many times myself.  I jump to conclusions about a person just by what they are wearing, or how they are acting. And it really is very unfair. I have had many people yell at me when I park in the handicap spots at the stores or restaurants. There are times when I don't wear my oxygen, and when I don't, you'd have no clue that I had a heart/lung disease. These people are rude enough to embarass me in public, when they have no idea why I'm even parking there. Even when I try to explain it, some of them still threaten to call the police. I just tell them to go ahead. I now have cards with me that explains my disease, and I just hand it to someone who asks about my oxygen, or who berrades me in a parking lot. So, I definitely have to say that judging people is one lesson I have found to be very true.  Unfortunately, it's not something that is easily changed.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Question #83 - Birth Order

How did you like being the oldest, youngest or middle child? Did it have a particular advantage or disadvantage?

I am the oldest of 4 girls.  I guess in a lot of ways, I always had to be the responsible one, the one who was an example for my sisters. And while I do admit that I am responsible about a lot of things I do, I never wanted to feel that I had to be the one who my parents used as an example to talk to my sisters. It didn't happen often. But there have been many time where I haven't been responsible, and then I feel so guilty about it. That I'm supposed to be "perfect" in some way. All this being said, I don't consider it a disadvantage of being the oldest. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm the oldest. I guess it's the way we all behave and act with each other. Sometimes when we are together, it's like we're kids again!  I love my sisters with all my heart!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Question #82 - Christmas

Describe the downtown area of your hometown at Christmas.

I am still living in my hometown, and unfortunately, they do not do Christmas like they used to when I was a little girl.  They used to have a Festival of Lights downtown, and it was so neat to go down and walk around and see the different displays. There was a wonderful atmosphere, and it seemed like everyone seemed so friendly. Of course, I was very little back then, so I guess it was just a child's perspective. I do miss the Festival of Lights, though. It was always a nice "date" thing to do around the holidays.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Question #81 - Spring

Describe the perfect spring day, and activities done on that day.

The perfect spring day would be to take a walk in the neighborhood to admire all the new life coming up and starting to grow. I would love to walk around and see all the tulips I could see, since that is my favorite flower.  I'd also love to watch the birds that come back in the area when spring begins again.  Watching life grow again after a long winter is definitely a welcoming sign to me!

Question #80 - Favorites

Tell about a favorite aunt.

I think this question would be a lot easier if I had to tell about a least favorite aunt. LOL  Seriously, I do respect all of my aunts, and I have a LOT of them! I have 9 aunts, 8 of them on my mom's side of the family!  I like all of my aunts for all different reasons. If I had to pick one, I'd say it would be Ann.  But that isn't very fair, because I like all of them!!  They are all wonderful women, funny as heck, caring, nurturing, and even some are kinda kooky. But that's ok, every family has someone (or even more than one someone) who is a little strange!

Monday, August 8, 2005

Question #79 - Peace

What brings you the most peace, and why?

I think I always felt peaceful when I was little and going to my Grandma's creek. Seeing that much water flowing at a close-up range made me feel calm. Nowadays, I find peace when I listen to music. No matter what I listen to, it gets me in a good mood. I also find peace in prayer, and talking with God. I find peace also in my new little niece, Hailey. I love her so much, and I just beam when I'm around her. 

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Question 78 - Family Time

What was your favorite thing to do with your family when you were young?

I used to enjoy the nights we would sit down and watch some tv together.  Shows like The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock were always favorites!  I also liked when we'd go on picnics in the summer, and find a place to swim. 


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Question #77

What personality traits do you admire the most?

I admire people who are kind and caring, nonjudgmental, and honest. People who just can't come out and say something, even if it might hurt someone's feelings, drive me nuts. Of course, I shouldn't talk, I've often done just that. 

Friday, July 22, 2005

Question #76 - Sing Out Loud!

Tell the words of a song from childhood, and describe any memories it holds for you.

You Are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine,

My only sunshine.

You make me happy,

When skies are gray.

You never know, dear,

How much I love you.

Please don't take my sunshine away.

This is one of the many songs that reminds me of being little, and of my dad. He used to sing this to all of us, and it just reminds me of being happy and innocent.  Now he gets to sing that song to his new granddaughter!  I know she'll love it as much as we did.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Question #75 - Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree

Describe getting a Christmas tree with your family.  How did you decorate it? When did you put it up?

Our family tree was the same tree every single year.  Since my dad is allergic to pine, we had a fake tree.  Which was fine with me, since I hate the smell of pine!  I have my own fake tree now!  lol  Anyway, it varied year to year when we would put the tree up, but usually it was weeks before Christmas.  When we were really little, I remember putting decorations that we'd make in grade school on the tree.  Some of them, I still have today, and they go on my tree now.  As we got older, my mom would buy us ornaments as gifts, and we'd save those to put up for the next year.  Sometimes my mom would make popcorn for us to string up, although a lot of times we'd end up eating most of it. lol

Since the subject is Christmas trees, one distinct memory I have of our tree is the year when my youngest sister was maybe 4 or 5. My mom wanted me to keep an eye on her around the tree while she was doing something (I think giving another sister a bath).  My sister was very close to the tree, and she was trying to yank something off.  When I pulled her back, the tree came toppling down on both of us!  No one really got in trouble, but I really tried to make sure it didn't happen again!!  lol

Question #74 - Ages

What has been your favorite age so far, and why?

I look at little kids every day, and I think to myself, "oh to be a kid again!"  I would love to go back to my early years of childhood.  What is more magical than being a kid?  My sisters and I created many games to play, we all had such imaginations. We had fun playing with the neighborhood kids, too.  The Big Wheels they had back then were much better than the ones today, and so were a lot of other toys and things we used to play with.  I just miss the innocence of being a child.  Not worrying about anything major at that age.  This is not saying that I hate being an adult!  It was just so much easier back then! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Question #73 - School Days

Describe a typical day in high school.

Hmmm, high school.  Not exactly a time I'd like to constantly reminisce about.  However, a typical day started out before homeroom, when everyone would ask me for homework for some sort of class. Especially chemistry. I never took chemistry. lol  I enjoyed most of my classes during the day, and lunch with my friends. But there were many, many, MANY times that I felt like I didn't belong. I was the shy type, the one who was the nice girl, but not nice enough to feel popular by most of the people in my class. I actually hated high school because of that.  When I left high school, I became a different person...slowly. I realized that I could open up more, and be myself, and not who I thought others wanted me to be.  So even today, I know I'm a lot different than I was in high school!  And I definitely don't miss it, either!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Question #72 - Wedding Bells

Describe your wedding.  Who was in it?  What did everyone wear?

What an easy question for me to answer. I have yet to be married, or even engaged, so I can't answer it!  lol

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Question #71 - Vacations

Where do you like to vacation, and why?

It's been a while since I've actually been on a vacation.  And the place we used to vacation most was my grandma's.  However, I would love to vacation on a nice beach, Hawaii would be great!  I'll never have the money to go there, so I can only dream. lol  I don't always travel well, I find it hard for me to handle once in awhile. I have to carry around oxygen and stuff, it gets to be a little too much sometimes.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Question #70 - Bicycle, Bicycle!

Did you have a bicycle, and if so, what was it like?  Tell about riding it. Where did you go?

I had a bike when I was about 11 or 12.  It took me a while to get used to riding it, since I actually had a fear of trying to balance it.  But once I got the hang of it, I would ride up and down our street, and in the alley.  When I was 13, I think, I was riding it down to the corner (right across the street from where I live now), and when I made the left turn around the corner, I lost my balance and hit the tree.  I fell off the bike and when I tried to get back up, I couldn't stand on my right foot.  I had sprained my ankle!  I had no idea how I was going to get home, until I saw my mom walking down the street to go to our school to work bingo.  She went back and got my dad, and from then on, I never rode a bike again!

Question #69

Do you like to go to the symphony, the opera, or the theater?  What have you seen and enjoyed the most as far as productions go?

I have seen a symphony in our area play a couple summers ago when they played Led Zeppelin music.  It was awesome!!  I have seen a few plays in the theaters, Mamma Mia being one of the better ones I've seen.  But my most favorite play/opera is The Phantom of the Opera.  I have seen it 5 times, 4 times at the Pantages Theater in Toronto.  I absolutely love it, and I still cry every time I hear the music.  I haven't seen the film version yet, but maybe one of these days!  I was afraid I might not like it, but I'll have to just go ahead and rent it some day!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Question #68 - Dad

Did you and your father share any interests? Tell about your relationship with him.

It wasn't until I was a teen when I discovered my love for hockey, and that my father used to play when he was younger. That is one thing that we have shared together, love for the Detroit Redwings!  We also love Simon & Garfunkel, and actually went to their concert last June when they came to town. I will never forget that!  I have always had great love for my father, as much as he has loved all 4 of his girls. I still do. I make it sound like he is no longer with us, but that's not so. I just feel like I don't see him as much as I used to. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Question #67 - Holidays

What is your favorite holiday, and how do you celebrate it?

I love Thanksgiving!  Getting together with the family is great, and eating tons of yummy food is just icing on the cake!  We all like to make something for dinner, and I usually make a pecan pie. I could eat a whole one myself, but talk about your high cholesterol! LOL  Since I have no significant other, I usually just go down to my parents' house for most of the day, to spend time with them and my sisters.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Question #66 - College

Did you go to any college or technical training? If so, where? What did you study?

I went to a 4 year college after high school, at Niagara University.  I studied to become an elementary teacher. After graduating with my BA, I tutored for a couple months, worked at a daycare for 2 months, and then started working for Headstart as a preschool teacher. While at Headstart, I went back to the University at Buffalo for my masters degree in early childhood education.  Even though I had to quit my job for health reasons, and will most likely never teach again, I finished my masters degree.  I have 2 degrees that I am very proud of, because I put a lot of hard work into a field I love: teaching.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Question #65 - The Teenage Years

What do you remember most about being a teenager?

I had good and bad moments of being a teen. I never was a rebellious person, and that never changed when I reached the teen years. But I do always remember not feeling accepted by a lot of the people in my class. High school was hard for me many times. I had my close group of friends, but I also always wondered what was wrong with me to not be accepted into the "clique." Of course, things have changed dramatically since high school. I realized nothing was wrong with me, that my classmates just chose not to see me for the person I was. I opened up a lot since then, and I'm definitely glad to be out of my teenage years!

Question #64 - Back to Childhood

What was your favorite Sunday activity as a child?

Well, we always went to church on Sundays. Not always my favorite, but it was something we did as a family, and we don't do that now. And that's not really anyone's fault, we just all don't go to church. But I digress. I think one of my fav activities on Sundays was going to my grandpa's house for dinner. We went quite often, and I miss it. My grandpa almost always had meatloaf and mashed potatoes. It's just fun to reminisce now about the times we used to spend there, but I know I appreciated those times even as a child.

Question #63 - Doctors

How do you feel about doctors, and why?

Well, I pretty much like doctors. That is easily said because I have been going to doctors all my life, being that I have a heart and lung condition that I was born with. I've had regular doctors, cardiologists, and a variety of others in between. Most of them, I have liked. The doctors I have currently are wonderful, and very personable. They answer the questions I have, and they are genuinely concerned for my health. And I appreciate that since things won't ever change with my need for doctors!

Question #62 - Grandparents

What did your grandfathers do for a living? Did your grandmothers work?

I don't recall being told that either of my grandmothers worked. My grandma on my mom's side had 11 children, so I KNOW she took care of them over the years!  My other grandmother did a lot of things at home, but I don't think she had a regular job.

My grandfather on my mom's side did work, but I can't for the life of me remember what he did at this moment. My dad's father worked a bunch of different jobs, including running a gas station, and working at Carborundum.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Question #61 - Life After...

How do you feel about death? What is your philosophy of "the afterlife?"

I don't really fear death, because I know that there is a much better place I'd be going when I die.  I think I fear the most how I'd die. I hope that I just go in my sleep, with no pain. But of course, that's not for me to decide. As for the afterlife, if there is one, I'm not sure. I believe we go to heaven or hell, depending on what kind of life we lead. I'm not sure there is life after death, or reincarnation. Maybe I'll find out when it's my time to go.  lol

Monday, June 6, 2005

Question #60 - Childhood Vacations

Tell about a favorite childhood vacation.

We didn't take many vacations when I was growing up. Trips to my grandma's house three hours away were considered vacations, but they also became habit. I think the place I remember most when I was little was Wasaga Beach in Canada. My parents would rent a cabin for a week, and I remember playing down at the beach. We really were quite little then! I think I was like 7 or 8.  My dad's friend's family would come down too, sometimes.  I vaguely remembering one of his kids trying to dig a hole way down in the sand. He got it so deep, that he was able to just stand right up in it. So I'd have to say that is my favorite memory, because we were just little kids. And I miss my childhood days. 

Friday, June 3, 2005

Question #59 - Open Wide!

How do you feel about dentists?

I have always felt tense going to the dentist, even when I was a little kid.  I got through childhood with no cavities, AMAZINGLY.  Several years back, I tried a new dentist, and the people there told me I had 4 cavities. Like out of the blue. I had them filled, but then I heard horror stories about this place from other people, and knew that I probably had only one cavity at that time.  So, I didn't go to the dentist for like 2 years.  When I finally got up the nerve to try a new place, I ended up liking the people there. So, I go to the dentist twice a year. I still get nervous, but I haven't had any major problems!  I guess I'll keep going since one of my biggest fears is having problems with my teeth. 

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Question #58

What convinced you the most in your choice of a spouse (significant other)?

Well, I honestly can't answer this question. I'm not married, and I currently don't have a significant other. This question was easy.  lol

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Question #57 - Lessons Learned

What was the hardest thing for you to learn in life?

I think the hardest thing I've always had to learn is that I could not do a lot of what "normal" people could do. And that is still true today. Because of my heart and lung disease, I could never run around as much as the kids I went to school with. I couldn't go on a lot of rides at amusement parks. I couldn't learn to swim. There are still things today that I have a hard time doing, like taking longs walks, or doing things like vacuuming. There have been many times when I've pushed my limits anyway, and I usually regret it afterward because I end up feeling so lousy. So I've learned to deal with the fact that I'm not "normal" physically, but I certainly am normal mentally, and there a lot of things I can do! 

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Question #56 - Then and Now

What things do you enjoy doing as an adult that you also enjoyed as a child?

I loved reading as a child, and I still love reading as an adult. I also love watching shows I used to enjoy when I was little, like Sesame Street or The Muppets. I know that soon enough, I'll be doing things like coloring and playing with dolls when my little niece is old enough! I used to like making crafts when I was little, and I still do that today with jewelry.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Question #55 - Anger

What is the angriest you have ever been, and how have you resolved it?

Hmmm, this is a toughy. I am not an angry person, and very rarely do people see me get very angry. I would have to say, the angriest I have been was when I found out my ex-best friend did something behind  my back that I thought was so unfair and unkind. I grew up with this person, she was my best friend for over 20 years. But there was always something about her that a lot of people didn't like. She was always about herself. Before she broke my trust, we hadn't been talking as much as usual, and when we did, it was almost like she had nothing to say. So when she did what she did, it was the last straw. I decided not to talk to her for a while. That ended up being almost a year, before she sent me a letter. We hung out for a little bit, but things just never were the same. I haven't talked to her in over a year now. And honestly, I don't really miss her.  Sad to say.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Question #54 - Wonderful Things

What is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to you?

Hmmm, this is a tough question!  My life has been pretty tough healthwise, so I didn't always have opportunities to have wondrous things happen.  I would have to say that SO FAR, the most wonderful thing that has happened was being asked to be a godmother to my best friend's son. I never expected to be asked, and I was quite honored. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Question #53 - TV

What was your favorite TV show as a child? What is it now?

My sisters and I watched a lot of different shows growing up. I didn't really have one favorite though.  I know that we loved watching The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock.  Those were shows that even my parents' enjoyed watching with us!

Now, I'm addicted to a lot of shows.  Nothing changes.  lol  My favorite would have to be any of the Law & Order shows.  SVU Is the best, in my opinion. 

Question #52 - Baptism

What do you remember about the day you were baptized?

I don't remember the day that I was baptized.  I was only a few months old!  If I actually remembered it, I'd be one darn smart person!!  lol

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Question #51 - Siblings

Did you get along with all of your brothers and sisters? Did you wish you had more of them, or less?

I grew up with three younger sisters, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I love them all dearly, even during the times when we didn't always get along! We created crazy games together when we were little, which were fun to play on days when we couldn't go outside. My sisters are still so very dear to me today, and I don't know what I'd do without them!

I am glad it was just the 4 of us growing up. My parents aren't exactly rich, and although they provided us with a lot, I can't imagine if there were any more kids in the family!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Question #50 - Courtship

Tell a courtship story about your parents. How did they meet?

My parents met when my mom was living in Rochester, NY, with a roommate. One night, her roommate's boyfriend and his friend (my dad), came up for a visit. I guess that's when things started! I'm not even sure how long they dated before they got married. Their anniversary is next week, on the 18th. They'll be married for 31 years!

Question #49 - Win or Lose

How do you feel about winning? Losing?

Well honestly, who likes to lose? No one, but it's how you deal with it that makes someone a poor loser or a gracious one. I love winning, but I don't win very often. In fact, rarely. If I do win something, I'm very excited! But since I lose often, I just say oh well, congrats to who one, no big deal!


Question #48 - Adventure

What is the most adventuresome thing you've ever done?

Hmm, this is a tough question, because a lot of what I do, I have to think about my health. So I'm not one to just go do something on a whim. However, I think of of my most favorite adventures was a road trip to Bethlehem, PA with my sister and two of our friends to visit one of my other sisters. She was living there at the time while she was going to grad school. We drove down for a weekend, so a huge group of us could go to Philly to this warehouse club. I can't think of the name of it right now, but it was featured a couple times on The Real World: Philadelpha.  This club had like 4 or 5 different bars inside, all playing a different music. And, it was gay night at the club! Oh my, was it interesting! We all got dressed up...funky outfits, outrageous hair, and I even had a feather boa. Some girl came up to me and wanted it when we were there. I told her no! Anyway, it was a long night full of dancing and drinking, and it was just a fun time!  My favorite quote of the night from my sister: "All of these hot guys, and none of them want to look at me!"  LOL

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Question #47 - Animal In You

If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?

Ok, this question is sooooo ironic to me right at this moment!  I was just cleaning all of my betta fish containers (I have 6, I would NOT recommend getting that many because you have to clean 6 individual containers....can't those fish just get along??), and I was thinking that if I ever had another life, I would love to be a beautiful fish in the ocean. I am so fascinated with ocean life! I would love it mostly because, I do not know how to swim, nor will I ever know because of my health problems. I think it would be so wonderful to be a fish in the ocean and be able to swim all over the place!  Yep, that's what I would be!

Friday, May 6, 2005

Question #46 - Reading

Do you have a favorite magazine? What do you learn from it?  Why do you like it?

I haven't read a magazine in quite a while, actually.  I like Cosmo occasionally, and some of the entertainment magazines, like People. But I think if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Mailbox, which is a magazine for teachers. They always had some great ideas!  When I had a classroom, I was always looking for something new and different.  Teachers often were able to submit ideas, so I borrowed them, or used them as a springboard to create my own thing.  Actually, and magazines that have to do with teaching, or child development, fascinate me! 

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Question #45 - Funerals

Tell about a funeral you attended that you will never forget.

I honestly haven't been to too many funerals.  I've been to a lot of wakes, and those are always hard.  Even if a close friend has someone pass away, I never know what words to say to feel helpful to them besides I'm sorry for your loss. There is one funeral that I attended that I can't seem to forget. A friend that I had gone to grade school with lost her father several years ago. A bunch of friends and I from grade school went to the funeral, and wondered if our friend would be there. You see, this friend had been sick ever since were in 7th grade. She slowly had been deteriorating over the years, to the point where she couldn't even speak. She ended up being put in a health care facility when it became too hard for her parents to care for her. Anyhow, toward the end of the ceremony, we heard her cries in the back of the church. We saw her nurse with her, and she was in her wheelchair. I started sobbing right then and there. I felt so awful for her, that she could not verbally express how she was feeling, or even fully cry. Her father was a wonderful man, worked hard for his family. But I remember his funeral because of the anguish of his daughter.

Sadly, this friend died last year. She didn't have a funeral, just a memorial service, because she donated her body to science. I will never forget her, and am so terribly sorry that I didn't see her for the last year of her life. But that is another story....


Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Question #44 - Inventions

What is one invention you could not live without?

Wow, if this isn't a tough question, I don't know what is!!  lol  I honestly was going to say my computer, at first.  However, I got along for a LONG time without one.  There are other ways to communicate and find things if I had to.  So after thinking about it for a bit longer, the thing I couldn't live without is my radio/CD player.  I absolutely love music.  Half the time I do things with some sort of music playing in the background.  It grounds me, so to speak.  It has always helped me when I was down, and it's always been there when I've felt like dancing.  I definitely would be lost without it because, let's face it, I just can't sing.  I may try, I may be out of tune, but I usually have the music on to back me up.  Or cover me up, should I say.  lol  So, that would be the invention I can't live without, my radio/CD player.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Question #43 - Childhood Slaves

Where you ever responsible for any chores?  What were they?

Saturday was the day that my sisters and I had to do our chores before we could go out and play with our friends. Quite often, our chores were rotated every few months, so we wouldn't get bored doing the same thing every Saturday.  My chores often involved dusting everything, or cleaning the bathroom.  I think it's the reason I really hate those chores today.  lol  I never really got to do the vacuuming, because it made me too tired.  Same thing today, but I do try and do it anyway, just slowly.  We also had to take turns doing the dishes every night.  There were plenty of fights over whose turn it was, and who was going to wash and dry. We never got allowances for any of these chores, and my mom's reasoning was that we lived in the house, and needed to learn how to take care of things to keep it nice. I tend to agree with that.  I still hate chores, though.  lol


Thursday, April 28, 2005

Question #42 - Family

Tell about family reunions.

We've had only one very large family reunion on my mom's side of the family, and that was in 2000 (I think).  It was the largest amount of people I had seen in years, and I couldn't believe I was related to all of them. lol  Some I had never even met before, and if I saw them again today, I'd still have no clue as to who they are.  It was a great day though, the weather was perfect and everyone seemed to be having a good time.  Lots of pictures were taken!  I saw cousins I hadn't seen in years, so it was really nice.  Now, on my dad's side of the family, there are only about 10 people, so it's like a gathering when we do get together. lol We last saw them at my sister's wedding this past June, but that certainly wasn't a time to sit and catch up. We need to make plans to do that soon!!! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Question #41

What is your favorite scripture, and why?  OR What is your favorite inspirational saying, and why?

Very interesting question today.  And I'm not really sure how to answer it.  I don't really have a favorite.  I don't study the Bible, so I don't know the scriptures by heart.  I'm sure if I gave this question more thought, I could come up with something.  But right now, I can't really answer it!  :-/

Monday, April 25, 2005

Question #40 - Let's Eat!

Where do you eat out, and what do you order?

I have a bunch of different places I like to eat.  I don't eat out as often as I used to, since I don't have the money.  But on the occasion that I do, I love Olive Garden.  Anything pasta is good with me, but I usually end up getting shrimp alfredo.  They have their pasta bowl special on right now, I wish I could go!! lol  I also love Red Lobster.  Their food is great, but my fav is their vanilla bean cheesecake.  It's the best darn cheesecake I've ever had!!  I also like going for a cheap, but very good meal, and there are a couple places around here to choose from to do just that.  Yianni's happens to be one of my favs.  I usually go for their ham & cheese, and one of their soups.  So all in all, I love to go out to eat, and I do like trying new things! 

Friday, April 22, 2005

Question #39 - Going to the Movies

What do you think about movies, and why?

I just love going to movies!  My favorites are comedies, romance, romantic comedies, animated, thriller/horror, some foreign films, and sometimes action films.  I'm not that big on them, nor am I really big on sci-fi stuff.  I do like the movies that involve some sort of killer animal or bug, even if they are stupid!  lol  I tend to watch movies more in the theater or on tv, than on video or DVD.  I have a ton of movies, but I never seem to watch any of them.  I do love going to the theater with my friends, it's something we try to do at least once a month.  My biggest beef with movies, though, are the dumb ticket prices!!  I can't stand paying almost $9 for a movie (although that price may be cheap compared to other areas), and I usually end up getting cheaper tickets through my credit union.  If anyone lives near a Wegmans, they sell them cheaper, too.  lol  And I agree with Promise, the movie popcorn is the best reason to go!!  lol 

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Question #38 - Happy Birthday!

Tell about any of your family traditions for birthdays.

We didn't really have any special things for our birthdays growing up. We celebrated the person's birthday on that day.  Sometimes we had parties, but the older we got, the less they happened.  I think my last birthday party was when I turned 13, and I had a sleepover.  My mom never had a sleepover again.  We didn't do anything horrible, of course, that's my opinion and not hers. lol  Nowadays, it seems the big things we usually do is go out to dinner somewhere with friends and family.  I love doing that!  Last year for my birthday, 15 of us went to dinner at Red Lobster.  It's just a good time! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Question #37 - Sniff, Sniff

What are your favorite smells?

I love any fruity candle or lotion smells.  I love the smell of laundry fresh out of the dryer. I love the smell of baked goods!  I love the smell of coffee, except that I can't stand the taste. lol  I love the smell of wood burning from a fireplace. And I love the smell of the Falls when I go down there during the summer to watch the fireworks. 

Question #36 - School Days

Did you have a favorite subject in school?  One you dreaded?

I always loved English and Reading growing up.  Math wasn't too bad, I understood most concepts. The two subjects I didn't always enjoy were religion and history.  Religion is just funny, since I went to Catholic schools all my life, and didn't really have a choice about taking the class.  lol  I wanted to teach English when I got older, and that's what I focused on with elementary education in college.

Question #35 - Babysitters

Did your parents ever have a babysitter for you?  Were you ever left in someone else's care?

I don't always remember my parents going out too much.  But when they did, they got a babysitter for us.  I remember one girl coming over, and my littlest sister crying.  We tried to read to her to calm her down, but it didn't work too well.  I also remember another time when we were supposed to be sleeping, but we kept running around upstairs.  The babysitter either didn't know, or did know and blew it off.  Whatever it was, by the time my parents got home, they caught us and we were in trouble.  But other than that, when I got old enough, I was left in charge of my sisters.  And boy, did we get into some fun stuff when my parents were gone.  lol

Question #34 - Shhhh, Secrets!

What are your beauty secrets?

Hmmm, this is an interesting question for me.  I have for years and years had acne, and I still do even as I'm approaching 30.  It's not as horrible as it used to be when I was a teen, but it can still get pretty unruly at times.  I wash and cleanse my face twice a day, and use moisturizer all the time.  I don't wear a lot of makeup, just some foundation and blush.  I use lotion most of the time when I get out of the shower.  I guess that's pretty much it, I keep things simple in my daily routine.  lol

Question #33 - Politics Anyone?

What political party comes closest to representing your own views?  How do you feel about politics?

I am a registered Democrat.  However, that does NOT mean I vote strictly Democratic.  I vote for who I think can get the job done.  How do I feel about politics?  I hate it.  So, that's enough for this journal jar entry.  lol

Question #32 - Animals

What is your favorite animal, and why?

I grew up with a huge fascination with cats.  I just loved them!  I collected cat stuff, like statues, bookmarks, notepads, you  name it.  I could never have one because half my family was allergic to them.  When I moved out on my own, I ended up getting a kitten as a Christmas gift from one of my best friends in the year 2000.  Since I got the real thing, I stopped collecting everything else.  lol  He is my little man, I just love him!  I'd also have to say, running in very close second to my favorite animal, are dolphins and whales.  Well, anything involving the ocean really.  I am so fascinated with marine life!!

Question #31 - Military

Did you serve in the military?  Where and when?  Share some experiences.

I have never been in the military, because I was never allowed to be in it.  However, that didn't stop the Army recruiters from calling my parents' house every month while I was a senior in high school, and starting out in college.  None of them seemed to get the fact that I had a disability!  Finally, when someone called while I wasn't home, my mom answered.  She told the recruiter that I was blind.  That put an end to the calls.  LOL

I do have to say that I have great respect for the military personnel of this country.  I had huge objections to the war in Iraq, but never once did I begrudge the soldiers fighting for us.  I honor them and thank them for doing this country proud!

Question #30 - Rain, Rain, Go Away

Do you like rainstorms?  Do you have any memories connected with rain or storms?

I LOVE thunderstorms!  Especially ones at night.  I just love to sit in my living room with no lights and just listen to the rain and watch the sky.  There's something peaceful about it to me.  When I see that thunderstorms are a possibility, I usually hope we do have one.  lol 

My biggest memory of a bad thunderstorm, however, was in 1998.  I was still living at home, and I was on the front porch watching the rain fall.  Slowly it got harder and harder, and then it started hailing.  So I went inside.  The hail was coming down so hard, I thought glass was going to break!  And then suddenly, we heard a couple windows get smashed.  As this was going on, it suddenly dawned on me that my brand new car was out on the street, and probably not safe!  My mom said it would be fine.  When things finally calmed down, and people started venturing outside, I went to look at my car, and it so far from not being fine I wanted to cry!!  The hood and the top of my car were totally dented in.  The windshield was cracked.  I was so upset!!  Needless to say, that was one of the worst storms we had here.  But as bad as it was, I still love thunderstorms!

Question #29 - Housework

What household jobs do you like and dislike the most?

I hate housework, especially because I can get so tired from doing it!  We grew up with chores every weekend, and mine was usually the bathroom.  So I really hate cleaning the bathroom the most.  Sometimes it shows.  lol  I also hate the dishes, so that's why I only do them once a week.  Except for things I use more often, like the pots and stuff.  Dusting?  Oh yeah, you can write messages to me quite often.  lol  I know, I know, not making myself look good.  I do these chores, but probably not as often as I should!  I love vacuuming, but seeing as I'm not really supposed to be doing it, I don't that often.  My mom comes and does it for me. 

Question #28 - Living Differently

If you could live your life over, what would you do differently?

Some people would be surprised by my answer, but I wouldn't change a thing if I had to do it all over again.  I grew up, and am still living with, a heart and lung condition that I was born with.  It has been very difficult.  I went through childhood trying to be like any normal kid, even though I had alot of physical limitations that I pushed many times.  Later on, even though I went to school for teaching, when I eventually got the chance to do it, I had to quit a few years later because it was too taxing on my body.  That was devastating.  I've gone to doctors galore, and may one day even need a double lung transplant.  And I still wouldn't change anything??  No.  That is because it has made me who I am.  I am not some person looking for sympathy from everyone around me.  I am actually very hard-headed, which doesn't always help me.  lol  But I believe I've learned to appreciate everything around me, and the people I know.  I truly love my family and friends, and they are there for me when I need them. What I've gone through has made me a stronger person, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Question #27 - World Event

What do you feel has been the most significant world event that has taken place during your lifetime, and why?

I'm sure this answer is the same for many of us, but for me, the most significant event has been 9/11.  I woke up that day by a phone call from my mom, telling me that the Twin Towers were hit by planes.  By the time I got to the tv and started watching, the Pentagon had also been hit.  I was glued to the tv almost all day, and it was only when all the politicians were singing together that I totally broke down and cried.  The world became a changed place after that.  Living right at the border of Canada, there were many things we needed to suddenly watch out for.  It was a terrible time, with such a sense of loss and sadness.  I do think it made us stronger, though.  Communities came together to comfort each other, and it was a wonderful feeling.  I hope no one in any country lives through that again.

Question #26 - Downtown

Describe a trip downtown as a youngster. 

I often remember going downtown a lot during the winter when we had the Festival of Lights. Unfortunately, that was discontinued several years ago. But the one time we went down there, we were walking outside, and I was a little ahead of my parents.  I found myself walking right next some guy, and when I turned to look at him, I dropped my jaw in realization of who it was.  It was Victor Borge. Now, some of you are thinking, who???  Victor Borge was a piano player and comedian whom I only knew from my dad.  He was just hysterical on stage, but also a wonderful pianist to listen to.  When I stopped walking because I was frozen in fear (I had never met a celebrity!), I turned to ask my dad if he saw who I was walking next to.  My dad hurriedly started walking toward Mr. Borge.  My eyes widened as I realized that, not only was my father having a conversation with the man, but he was also talking to him in German!  I always love that memory, mainly because my dad looked so happy after he talked with Mr. Borge! 

Monday, April 18, 2005

Question #25 - Grandparents

Did you have a close relationship with your grandparents?  Tell about them.

I grew up seeing my grandpa on my dad's side more often than seeing my grandma on my mom's side. That was mainly because my grandpa lived about 10 minutes away from us, wheras grandma lived 3 hours away. I never knew my grandma on my dad's side, because she passed away before my parents met.  And my grandpa on my mom's side died when I was very little.  So, Grandpa S. and Grandma K. were the grandparents I knew.  I feel that I was close with them, although I often wish I  had asked for more stories to tell us about their lives. My Grandma is still alive, and I do ask her things now, but my Grandpa passed away 11 years ago.  I have fond memories of him, and the stories my dad tells us of things and times he remembers.  I do know that it took a long time for me to get over his death, although now I go to the cemetary often just to say hello. My Grandma likes to visit often, and we go down to see her. She will probably go on for quite a while since she is so darn healthy, and looks nothing like her age!

Question #24 - Car Trouble?

Tell about a frustrating experience you have had with a car.

I have had 2 cars in my life so far.  My first was a yellow 1987 Buick Skylark.  Or Skyhawk, I always got mixed up on what it was.  lol  Anyhow, my second car, the one I have now, is a 1998 Saturn SC.  The major problem I have had with these two cars has been physical damage to both of them.  The cars have run great, but unfortunately, have had some sort of accident along the way!  And not on my doing!! My Saturn  has had the worst of it.  Five months after I bought her (yes, I call my car a "her," even though she doesn't have an official name), we had a horrible hail storm here, and I almost had to have a whole new car with the amount of damage there was!   She has also been backed into by a drunk in a parking lot when we were out one night.  Her back window was shattered one night outside my garage. Let's see, I think her last major incident was actually a while ago, when my sis turned 19 and we took her to Canada. When we got back to my car, I realized my passenger mirror was missing, then saw that my mirror was hanging.  We went back to find the mirror, and it wasn't there.  It wasn't until several days later that I also realized my front license plate was gone, too!!  So, I think that's it.  My poor car.  :(  However, she will be 7 years old on the 28th!!  Yay!! 

Question #23 - Marriage Again??

How do you feel about marriage?

This is a question that I don't think about too much right now, considering I haven't had a boyfriend or a date in so long, that I don't think I'll ever get to the marrying point. lol  However, I would like to one day be married. I think marriage can be wonderful, with a lot of hard work, commitment and compromises to each other. I think marriage should be about two people joining their lives together, working toward a common goal, and yet, also maintaining individuality. Marriage should be about love: being in love, showing love, at all times.  It should be about trusting each other, respecting each other's dreams and hopes, and helping each other to achieve them.  I do hope that one day I will be married, for I truly do believe that I have the capacity to love someone with my whole being, and want to be their life and death forever. 

Question #22 - Sweet Children?!

What did you do as a child to get in trouble with your parents, and how did they handle it?

The most trouble I got in was fighting and bickering with my sisters growing up.  My mom used to spank with a wooden spoon, but I don't ever remember getting spanked.  The worst punishment I got was soap in my mouth for spitting on one of my sisters.  Never did that again!  If I or one of  my sisters ever got into big trouble, we'd be sent to our rooms,  or grounded without tv, something like that.  When I was older, and when I approached the years when I could go out to Canada, or around here when I was 21 and still living at home, I would stay out very late, and used to dread coming home.  The most my mom ever did was give me lectures about staying out late, and threatening to lock to the deadbolt so I couldn't get back in the house.  Never happened.  But for the most part, I was a pretty good kid.

Question #21 - Trick Or Treat!

Did you celebrate Halloween as a child?  What costumes did you wear?

I most definitely celebrated Halloween!  I loved dressing up!  I remember being a witch a couple times, a clown, a mechanic (dressed up in a pair of my dad's overalls, and had a dirty looking face), an angel, and a bunch of other costumes.  My sisters were in dance classes growing up, so a lot of their dance recital costumes became very useful for Halloween.  I did get bummed sometimes because Halloween usually was always so cool out, so I'd have to wear a turtleneck or long underwear underneath so I wouldn't freeze as I went around the neighborhood for candy.  But it was always a fun time!  I still love watching the kids come around to get candy, some of the costumes are just too cute!!

Question #20 - The Boob Tube

What do you think of TV, and what is your favorite show?

I seem to have a show that I watch every night, but I'm not the type of person to just sit for hours in front of the tv and watch whatever I can find.  I'm like that once in a while.  Honestly, I'd much rather be reading or on the computer!  That being said, the shows I watch most are: Medium, American Idol, all the Law & Orders, Joey, Will & Grace, The Apprentice, and one soap opera, Passions.  That seems like so many shows.  Maybe it is, but I certainly don't feel like I'm at my tv constantly!  lol 

Question #19 - Weddings

Describe your mother's wedding dress.  What do you know about her wedding?

I have only seen my mom's wedding dress in pictures. I'm not even sure if she has it still.  I'll have to remember to ask.  But it was a crocheted or knitted dress, with a long shawl.  I thought it was very pretty, and had even thought about wearing it one day, IF I should ever get married.  But, we'll see.  I don't know much about her wedding, really.  I have heard bits and pieces hear and there. I know my dad told us he or his best man was almost late to the ceremony.  I think it was his best man. See, I really don't know that much. I've only seen pictures, and from what it looked like, everyone was very happy.  My parents are still married today, after almost 32 years together.  Their anniversary is next month.

Question #18 - Just a Word

Name ONE WORD on how to live successfully.....

Truthfully!  (that was a hard one!)

Question #17 - Picnics!

Do you like picnics?  Have you been on any picnics that stick out in your mind?

I do like picnics, for the most part.  The only time I don't is when I know it's going to be a much cooler day than I'd like, then I have to dress like it's winter in order for me not to freeze.  Other than that, I do love picnics!  Especially if we go somewhere that has a beach.  I go for one at least a few times in the summer, it's great!

I remember one picnic we had when I was younger, when my cousins from Michigan came to visit with their parents.  We went to this state park, and after eating, we went to explore for a while.  There were these trees, I don't even know what they were called, that had these pod-like things hanging from every branch.  They were even all over the ground.  They looked like very long string beans.  We all decided to collect them, and see who could get the most. Our parents were a little shocked when we started coming back to the picnic table with these things gathered in our arms.  I know there are pictures, I have seen them.  lol  I think we were all rather disappointed, however, when we weren't allowed to bring any back home with us.  Oh, and I don't remember who won the contest, but we sure did gather up a lot of those things!! 

Question #16 - Hanging Out

Did you have a childhood "hangout" or "hideout?"  Describe it.

We never really had a hangout in our neighborhood, unless you counted our front porches or backyards.  We'd spend time at someone's house most of the day playing.  There were times when we'd build tents on my parents' front porch, and we'd hang out there until someone had to go home.  My sister and I used to have a hideout up in the attic for a while.  I'd bet if I went in there, I'd see all the dates we wrote on the ceiling of the times we hung out.  There were never really any other places to hang out in my neighborhood, so there's not much to tell!

Question #15

What church jobs have your parents had?  What do you remember about your parents and church?

Church was a big part of our growing up, and you would think it'd still have an influence on us today, but not really.  My parents didn't have any jobs in the church, unless you count my dad plowing in the winter for his dad's church.  My dad was not Catholic, although he went to church for years with us before he converted.  Now he doesn't really go. My mom was always the one to get us ready to go to church every Sunday.  We attended the Catholic school at the church we belonged to, so it was kind of hard not to be involved.  I've been back and forth with church for the past few years, and it has nothing to do with how I was brought up.  But I've been going again the past couple months, and I'm glad that I am.

Question #14 - Precious Belongings

Are there any family heirlooms in your possession?  Tell about them and how you aquired them.

I have a few items when my grandfather passed away, but I'm not exactly sure they are heirlooms.  They are definitely items that remind me of my grandpa, though.  I have a table that used to be at the top of the stairs in the apartment he lived in.  I also have a candy dish he'd keep out.  I remember trying to take the lid off ever so carefully to see what, if anything, was inside the dish.  I'd do it before dinner, and if my mom caught me (or one of my sisters trying), we'd get yelled at.  Other than that, I don't really have anything else.


Question #13 - 911

Do you remember any special events that took place in your neighborhood while you were growing up? (deaths, fires, accidents, etc)

I know we never had a fire in our neighborhood, although I do remember a time when I was left home to watch my baby sister (I was around 7 or 8 at the time) for about 15 minutes while my mom went to the store, the pot on the stove started smoking horribly, and I thought we were going to have a fire.  I got the pot off the stove, and put it on top of the wood cutting board my mom has (the burn mark is still there!).  I also opened the back door to let the smoke out of the kitchen.  Other than that, no fires that I recall, no accidents.  I still live on the same street I grew up on, only in a different house on the corner.  In the past few years, we have had a lot more police cars driving around, especially patrolling when schools let out.  Kids have certainly changed since I grew up. 

Question #12 - Rah, Rah, Rah!

What kinds of sports did you play when you were young?  What was your favorite sport?  What IS your favorite sport now? (watching or playing)

I was never allowed to play sports or in gym when I was growing up, due to my health. However, I did like watching baseballs games, or softball games at the high school. I did participate as a scorekeeper one year in high school for the girls' softball team.  I even got my own patch!  I'm not a huge fan of sports, although I love watching the Olympics when they are on. Gymnastics is my favorite to watch.  I also love hockey, and am very sad that it is not on this year.  I hope it comes back next year, but I guess we still have to wait and see about that!  IF I could ever play a sport, it would probably have to be softball.  Although I don't watch it much, I would like to be a participant! 

Question #11 - Drivin' Around In My Automobile

Who taught you to drive a car?

I never wanted to learn to drive right away when I turned 16. The thought of driving my parents' large station wagon terrified me, and the feeling still goes on today.  I just hate big cars!  Or vans or trucks.  Anyhow, I slowly learned to drive whenever my father would take me down to his shop.  Yes, I did drive the station wagon, but I wasn't in real traffic, so I wasn't too scared.  I didn't get my license until I was 19.  In fact, yesterday (April 17) it's been 10 years since I've had my license.  Gosh, that doesn't seem like a very long time!!  I never did take the car out with my mom to practice driving.  She would always be too nervous, and she'd make me feel the same way!  However, she was the one to come with me when I took my driving test.  Hmmmm.

Question #10 - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Did it snow where you grew up?  What did you do in the snow?

I grew up near Buffalo, NY, so I would have to say we DEFINITELY had snow to play with when we were little!  I still live in the same area, but it seems our snowfalls aren't like they were when I was a kid.  My dad used to make a huge mountain of snow in our backyard to play with, using his snow plow.  We'd sled down the hill, make walls of snow, and collect icicles. We loved looking for icicles, we called them crystal shards after seeing the movie, The Dark Crystal.  We also made snow angels, one of my favorite things to do.  I also remember the one winter where one of my sisters fell from the railing on the front porch right into the middle of the bush that was there.  Ruined the poor thing, and it wasn't the same as the others for years.  It's  gone now, but the memory certainly was funny. lol

Question #9 - Talk, Talk!

Do you speak any other languages?  What are they?  Have you ever taken classes to try to learn another language?

This question makes me laugh, as I look back on the 8 years I took French in school, and I can't remember much from it!  I can probably read French more than speak it, but I really can't believe that I don't know a lot of it anymore, since I took it for so long.  I did take a semester of sign language in college, also.  I thought I'd pick it up more later on, but just haven't done it.  It's a fascinating way to communicate. But like any language, if you don't have any way to practice what you learn, you end up losing it. 

Question #8 - Hopes and Dreams

What are your dreams, hopes and expectations for your children?

I don't currently have children, and I'm not sure that I ever can.  However, if I am lucky enough one day to be blessed with a child, I would hope that he or she grows up feeling as loved and cared for as I did.  I was greatful to have a very caring family, who knew my limitations and who helped me whenever I needed it.  I would hope my child feels safe in a world where terrorism scares, wars, and other horrendous things happen almost on a daily basis.  I would hope my child grows up happy and playful like we were when we were little.  I hope my child would feel like he or she can follow their dreams, wherever they might lead them. 

Question #7 - All By Myself

What is your favorite thing to do when you are alone in your home?

Well, you would think I'd be all alone all the time, but my sis and her hubby live upstairs in their own apartment. So, when I know they are NOT home, my favorite thing to do is to turn up my music loud while I'm doing housework.  I just love my music loud!  I hate it when they are home, and I think I'm not playing it that loud, and my sis calls to tell me to turn it down.  Ugh, party poopers!!  lol

Question #6 - Roomies

Did you have a roommate? What was that person like?  What did you learn about living with other people besides your own family?

I haven't had a roommate, other than sharing a bedroom with my sister for over 20 years.  The only roommate I have had is my cat, and some fish.  I don't think they count.  lol

Question #5 - Scouts

Did you belong to boy/girl scouts?  Tell something about that?

I was a Girl Scout for many years.  How many, I can't quite remember. But I did it for a while.  Somewhere around this place, I still have my badges on my green sash. The Girl Scouts were interesting, and most of the time, I liked being involved. The one event I remember is the first time I ever went camping in a tent. We went to a place called Darien Lake, and it was the first time many of the girls had camped out. We had to share a tent with one other girl. What I remember most was that it rained...I mean poured....that night, and I couldn't sleep for most of the night.  I was also so surprised at how the tent didn't leak any water!  However, we found out several days later, that just down the road at another campsite, 2 campers were killed when lightning hit their tent.  I remember thinking, why didn't any of my leaders make us sleep in the cars or something if it was that bad??  It just seemed awful!  That was my first camping experience, and I only went one other time since!

Question #4

Between the ages of 5 and 10, what was your favorite activity?

I really really really loved to ride my big wheel.  Now mind you, I had a lot of health problems ever since I was born, and looking back on when I was a kid, I often wonder how the heck I made it through childhood with the things I used to do. But I just absolutely loved riding down the street as fast as my little legs could pump the wheels on my big wheel.  I never felt so free in my life.  What a feeling!  I would reach the corner of the block, sit there for a minute, and then go flying back down to my house.  I honestly think those big wheels were the best thing I ever had.  And just thinking about it makes me remember that wonderful feeling of speed I used to be able to handle despite all I was hindered with.  Gosh, now I miss it!! 

Question #3 - Flowers

If you could be a flower, what type would you be, and why?

Hmm, this is an interesting question.  My favorite type of flower is a tulip, so I would have to go with tulips. They seem to come up at the time of year when you just think you can't stand any more of winter's wrath, and then suddenly, they are popping up everywhere. They may not last long, but they are a sure sign that spring is on it's way, and the warmer weather is coming to stay for a while!  Or, at least, that is what I usually hope for!  In my neck of the woods, you never know! (We had a snowstorm the first week of April here!  lol)  But I would be a tulip, because they bring you happiness and thoughts of better times yet to come.  :)

Question #2 - Games

What games did you play in your house or neighborhood?

There were a lot of neighborhood kids when I was growing up, so we quite often played games together.  We played the usual: hide n seek, Red Rover, Green light/Red light, freeze tag, and more.  But we also did things like making up skits and performing them for each other.  Those were always interesting.  We seemed to do skits that had some sort of moral to them.  They were fun!  As we grew older, we'd play card games, like Spoons, or huge group Solitaire. This is making me miss growing up and the simpler days back then!!

My sisters and I had numerous games that we played when stuck indoors. We made up quite a few games, and I would get really odd inquiries if I were to list them here.  We were quite imaginative!  But we also played school or house in the basement. We had Barbies, My Little Ponies, and those type of things we played with, too. As we got older, and video games were introduced to us, we would play those together. My one sister and I used to team up and kick butt on Atari's many games.  It was definitely fun growing up together, and I miss those times, too!!

Question #1

Describe your first job.  What did it pay? What was your duties? What was your boss like?

My first real job with a real paycheck was surprisingly not until I was going to college. I had babysitting jobs all during high school, but never anything more than that. I started working at the Financial Aid office as work study at the college I attended, the summer before I started classes.  I don't remember what it paid, maybe minimum wage? I know it increased slightly every year I was there.  I had to answer phones, help students out in the front, bring students in the back to see a financial aid counselor, file, and a whole bunch of other things. My boss was a wonderful lady, who entrusted me with a lot of duties the longer I was there.  In my 4 1/2 years there, I became very close to the people I worked with, and I still consider them my "family" away from home. I go back and visit quite often, too!