Friday, August 7, 2009

Question #134 - Write about the time you left the nest, and the first time you moved far away from home.

Well, I moved out of my parents' house on January 2, 1999. I moved allllllll the way down the street. A whole 11 houses down, whew! Big move, I know!! LOL! My parents bought the the 2 family home on the corner of the street I grew up on, and I've been living here for 10 years now. Of course, I was scared of moving here. Mostly scared about trying to pay almost all the bills myself! I was working at Headstart at the time, my second year there. So I actually did have enough to cover things, and to afford going out and stuff like that! When I had to quit my job a year later, I thought I'd have to move back in with my parents, but I figured out a couple things, and have been able to live here all this time.

I love being in my own apartment. A friend recently told me that a couple of our friends don't always like the loneliness of having their own place, but I can honestly say that I've never really felt lonely here. I have Mittens, which is nice. But if I want to talk to someone, I pick up the phone and call. I spend so much time online chatting with people, that it keeps me occupied, too. I just have so much freedom of doing my own thing in my own place, not having to worry about another person and their habits and such. This doesn't say much if I ever meet a decent guy one day and things start going well. LOL I don't know what I would be like living with another person again, but if that were ever to happen, I'd have to really adjust to not being alone!! But, I don't have such high hopes, so I'm not too worried!! lol


Mortimer said...

I've never lived alone. I've had roommates ever since I moved out at the tender age of fifteen.

JANE E KIRN said...

I moved out very young with my husband in 1968. It was pretty overwhelming. The first year was really hard. Then the BIG move was five years later with a 3 year old, and a 3 month old. We all moved to northern California, 100 miles north of San Francisco to a small town where we knew no one. The goal was to get out of the Los Angeles area and raise our kids in a small town. That first year was also hard. That was 38 years ago. It was hard leaving our family and all our friends. But looking back now it was the best thing to do. We no longer live in that town. It served us well, and our kids grew up, went to college, have careers, married, and we have 2 grandsons. The biggest point of the experience is that I never lived alone in my entire life. It could change someday, but for now I guess I can say I have not been alone.

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